Our company was founded in 1996 in Istanbul. Established
to meet the pocket lining needs of sportswear producers, our company
Aims to;

  • Highlight its trendsetting feature in the field of pocket lining,
  • Maintain its rich product range,
  • Generate customer-specific solutions,
  • Embrace a competitive price policy,
  • Andprioritize customer satisfaction and a fast service understanding. 

Our company works mainlywith firms exporting to foreign countries. With each passing day, we
increase the number of customers with whom we directly work in foreign countries. 
Our company has grown with the belief that trade must be based on the principle of mutual trust and honesty.
With this very mentality, it has always stood up for its responsibilities to the governmentand has proudly shared the awards regularly presented by its registered Tax Office every yearwith its employees and customers.  


To closely follow the global market and become
a world-renowned company gaining brand recognition in its field. 


To provide customer satisfaction through embracing
a solution-oriented working principle to meet our customers’
needs and expectations with the best service and price policy.